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In this section you can find information on small scale microhydro systems such as small water turbines.  Check out the Resources section for information on books, magazines and articles on water energy applications.
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Overview of Water Energy

For those of you who are blessed with property which has access to flowing water you could be looking at a real bargain.  Small hydro power has one of the best returns on investment of any renewable energy source.  A hydro system can cost one tenth that of a photovoltaic solar system of comparable energy output.  The fact is that flowing water is extremely powerful (as in full of power) and has a very high inherent energy value.

Water energy has long been a major resource of energy in the US and throughout the world.  Hydroelectric plants provide 7% of the energy we got off the grid in the U.S. and 21% of the grid energy in Canada.  It is, in fact, the most widely used renewable energy resource.  Generating energy from electricity is no longer limited just to the huge Hoover Dam style hydroelectric plants we saw in our textbooks as kids.  In recent years there has been a significant amount of progress in the development of small and efficient water turbines which can be used to power individual homes and small businesses.  These turbines, often called microhydro turbines, are designed to handle a wide variety of water conditions and are extremely affordable.

In this section you can find out specific details on small water turbines as well as information that will allow you to determine if your property has the potential for water energy generation. If you wish to do an in depth study of this topic we recommend you look at the Resources section where you can find listings of books, magazines and article about hydro power.  Also, you might want to consider joining one of the many organizations who support this approach to energy generation.  You can find out about them by looking in our Organizations section.  Go with the flow :)

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One of the services we want to provide our EB members is a listing of Recommended Microhydro Contractors. If you have used a microhydro contractor for your home or business and were happy with their work please provide us their contact info by clicking here and we will do the rest. As soon as we have a sufficient list together we will publish it on the site. Thanks! --Editor
New Products
Harris Water Turbine

The multiple nozzle arrangement allows much more water to impact the runner resulting in greater output at any head, and more usable power at lower heads. Multi-nozzle systems include a PVC penstock and individual ball valves on each nozzle. The pelton type runner is lost wax cast of silicon bronze. The wheel is 70 - 90% efficient, depending on nozzle size and head pressure. The bucket shape allows high efficiency for nozzles and provides a flow range of over 100/1. $1640 from Harris Hydroelectric.

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The use of hydroelectricity is growing. Today 6.6% of the total electrical generation of the U.S. comes from hydro systems.  In Canada 20% of the energy comes from hyrdro.
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