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The manufacturing of solar panels for both residential and commercial use is rapidly becoming a huge industry.  There are a number of major solar panel manufacturers in the U.S. and a rapidly growing number in Europe. In recent years China has also become a major provider of solar panels both because they have high demand internally and because their low labor costs have helped to bring manufacturing costs down.  Listed below are most of the major manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panels which are available in the U.S.:

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Manufacturers

Advent Solar
Amonix Inc
Atlantis Energy System Inc.
B P Solar Int'l LLC
Canrom Photovoltaics, Inc.
DayStar Technologies Inc.
Energy Photovoltaics Inc,
Evergreen Solar Inc.
First Solar LLC.
GE Energy (USA) LLC
Global Solar Energy Inc.
Innergy Power Corporation,
Iowa Thin Film Technologies
Kyocera Solar Inc.
Matrix Solar Technologies
Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.
Mitsui Comtek Corp.
Pacific SolarTech
RWE Schott Solar Inc.
SANYO Energy (USA) Corporation
Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation
Sharp Manufacturing Company of America
Shell Solar Industries LP
Solar Power Industries, Inc.
Spire Corporation
Sunpower Corporation
Sunwatt Corporation
Sunwize Technologies LLC
Terra Solar Global, Inc.
Tideland Signal Corporation
United Solar Ovonic LLC.

Solar Hot Water System Manufacturers


There are also many companies which manufacture solar water heating systems. Listed below are some of the major manufacturers:

AAA Solar Supply
Alternative Energy Tech LLC
Aquatherm Industries, Inc.
Conserval Systems Inc
Fafco Inc
Harter Industries
Heliocol USA, Inc.
Heliodyne Inc.
Industrial Solar Technology
Puerto Rico Solar Products
R & R Services
Radco Products, Inc.
Rheem Manufacturing Company
Sealed Air Corporation
Solar Developments Inc
Solar Living, Inc.
Solargenix Energy LLC
Sun Quest
SunEarth Inc
Sunsiaray Solar Mfg Inc
Techno-solis Inc.
Thermal Conversion Technology
Thermo Technologies
Universal Solar Products

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We have been getting a lot of questions lately as to the costs for a solar PV system and how soon PV systems pay for themselves. It is not always easy to tell given the host of federal and state regulations.  To provide some clarity on these cost issues we have updated our section on Typical Costs to reflect the latest prices and have added a new article on Calculating the Payback for a solar PV System.  Take a look!
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PV Demand Growing -
Global photovoltaic demand continues to soar in 2010 and is currently projected to double over the rate of installations year last year, according to Solarbuzz®, a solar energy market research company. Solarbuzz has raised its 2010 market size to 15.2 GW, which compares with a revised 7.5 GW in 2009.

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